Purely Pilates Packages

73322_10151513113842045_2039041933_n1Purely Pilates offers different packages to suit your needs. We truly believe Pilates is a great workout for anyone and can help quality of life no matter what your fitness levels or experience. This is why Purely Pilates offers specialist packages to help you feel strong, toned and in control of your body.

Our packages start with the Back Care Pilates Program which is designed to help anyone that is recovering from back problems or wants to PREVENT back issues in the future. We then offer all you yummy mummies a Package that is designed to help you boost your pelvic floor and tighten and tone your tummies. Lastly we have a Wellness At Work Package, because we know stress and sitting down all day can play havoc with your energy levels and posture and we want to help you feel great all day long.

If you would like to discuss any of these packages in more detail please contact Purely Pilates today.


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