Weights, Bands, Balls

Nov 10, 2015

Question: What is your favourite piece of equipment to work with? Weights, bands or balls?

All have their benefits. Weights are great for increasing muscle tone – especially if your aim is sculpted arms. Bands are great for resistance – especially if your aim is all over body toning. Balls are great for increasing Core strength and balance. They also work well to mobilize the neck, back and hips. All are useful for adding a new dimension to a Pilates session.

I try to use all of these within a month of studio Mat classes. The weights sessions are the most challenging – depending on the size of weights they use! It is good to add weight-bearing exercises for bone density. I use medium resistance bands rather than high resistance as I find they are more versatile. My balls are 7″ soft balls. This tends to be the most popular. I find most people need the release offered by the balls – especially the opening of the thoracic and the loosening of the lumbar spine.


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